Thin Metal Parts is Staying Open


Thin Metal Parts is open and will be staying open as we are an essential critical supplier to the medical, aerospace, and defense industries. 

As an essential supplier, Thin Metal Parts will continue to deliver the same high-quality metal parts as you have come to expect from us. Our company culture is fast and flexible, so we can quickly manufacture all the precision metal parts you require; because we keep the processes in house, and the majority of the metal we use comes from US sources. We provide chemical etching, electroforming, laser cutting, and develop the tooling all onsite. 

Thin Metal Parts has been a medical device components manufacturer for many years and has capacity to handle the increased demand for the critical components needed during this pandemic.  Beryllium copper, stainless steels and many other metal alloys are kept in stock in abundant quantities.

Thin Metal Parts is dedicated to the health of our employees to ensure we will be able to continue to manufacture these essential and lifesaving components. We are taking extra precautions in maintaining the safety and well being of our employees by:

  • Allowing only key production people in the office
  • Splitting shifts for key production people 
  • Moving our employees’ workstations to ensure 6 feet of separation 
  • Keeping non-production people home
  • Adding a robust cleaning process 
  • Requiring anyone who is sick to stay home

We have a tradition of superior quality and customer service that we plan to continue through these challenging times. If you are manufacturing ventilators, essential medical devices, or other essential equipment, let us know, and we will expedite the manufacturing of your parts.

On behalf of our entire Thin Metal Parts team, our thoughts go out to all those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Be safe and well. 




4733 Centennial Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Phone: 719.268.8300

Fax: 719.268.8399