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What is Mylar Imaging?

Mylar™ Imaging, also called photo plotting, consists of precision black markings on the surface of a photographic film made of a clear plastic base material. These markings are produced by a photoplotter that uses a series of precision-guided laser beams to expose the film. The patterns originate from CAD drawings, so that each film is custom-made. Completed plots can be as small as 7 microns for a line, and 10 microns for flash pads. Thin Metal Parts, a Colorado metal parts manufacturing company, uses Mylar Imaging technologies and Photo Tooling as part of our manufacturing services.

Sample glass and Mylar products include:

Photo tooling services include:

  • Encoders (rotary and linear)
  • Glass rings
  • Calibration tools and standards
  • Reticles
  • Resolution targets
  • Die-cut Mylar™ parts
  • Laser plotted circuit board film
  • Panelization, cam, data conversions
  • Scanning film, diazo, glass, paper drawings
  • Tooling, hole punching
  • Measuring services
  • Film contact copies

Need something more?

FineLine Imaging, a division of Thin Metal Parts, offers full-service photo-tooling capabilities with the highest plotting resolution and accuracy available in the industry – at 50,800 dpi, 4 micron features with accuracy +/-.5 microns on Mylar™ film and glass masks. CAD/CAM, data conversion services and images up to 28" x 32" are all available with same day turnaround.

Click here for more information on FineLine Imaging's photo-tooling products.


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