Electric Motor Laminations

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Thin Metal Parts is known for high precision, tight tolerances, and repeatability. Our focus is on providing you with the quality electric motor laminations you require to produce the highest quality electric motors.

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Thin Metal Parts manufactures electric motor laminations and lamination segments for a wide range of electric motor applications and industries. Our experienced team can work with you to quickly answer your questions or develop a custom electric motor lamination solution.

UV Laser Capabilities

We primarily use UV lasers in the electric motor lamination process. The shorter wavelength of the UV lasers means a shorter, more focused positioning laser, resulting in a higher precision process. Thin Metal Parts can cut a wide range of materials and thicknesses with precision and tight tolerances with the UV laser. The shorter wavelength also causes no damage and no change to the workpiece's mechanical or electrical properties, making it ideal for nonmetal insulating materials such as Kapton and Nomex paper.

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UV Laser Materials

The UV laser cuts metals, non-metallic insulating, and other lamination materials. The materials include, but are not limited to mylar, Kapton, and Nomex paper. Ask about any material you would like to use if it is not listed.

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High precision, tight tolerances, and repeatability; this is what Thin Metal Parts is known for. Our customers keep coming back for the quality of our work; see the quality for yourself. To learn more about electric engine lamination or our laser cutting capabilities, contact us today for a free sample.

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