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Thin Metal Parts (TMP) is a world leader in custom manufactured high-precision, very thin products. The company was originally a product line started in 1985 as the Specialty Products Division of Photo Stencil (established in 1979) specifically to design and manufacture thin metal parts for the electronics industry. In 1997, the Specialty Products Division established global manufacturing capabilities, and became the first and only stencil and metal parts supplier to be ISO 9001:2008 qualified for both design and manufacturing.

In 2002, the product line became a separate company – Thin Metal Parts – to focus efforts on the development of specialized thin metal parts for a broader base of industries. The company’s production capabilities are ideal for applications in the medical, automotive, microwave, office and industrial automation, aerospace, consumer products and electronics industries. Thin Metal Parts provides full-service application support and customized solutions to fit the needs of each customer. Complete in-house capabilities translate to quick quotes, low-cost tooling and short manufacturing lead times.

Thin Metal Parts acquired Fine Line Imaging in 2007, enabling tighter tolerances and finer features on processes and products. In addition, TMP offers a full range of photo-tooling services with the highest plotting resolution and accuracy available in the industry – at 50,800 dpi, 4 micron features with accuracy +/-.5 microns.

Our staff works with each customer to collaborate and create the ideal, custom metal part. TMP has a complete range of services to take your needs and specifications from an idea to a final product. With our experienced staff and ISO 9001 certification, we create successful solutions for any challenge.

Full in-house capabilities include:

  • Expert engineering support
  • CAD services
  • Photo-tooling
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Post-processing operations
  • Automated inspection

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